The Powers that Be

The Powers that Be

I like to go out for lunch every day. When I find a restaurant that I really like, I keep going back. Most sandwich shops give you a number when you order at the counter. My frequency often allows them to dispense with the number. When this happened recently, the employee said We know who you are! As innocent as it sounded, it evoked an ominous ring. I am not implying that the restaurant is part of a government conspiracy but that in the super-information age, the powers that be already have ways to track us if they see the need. In reality they have the means so they can know who and where we are.

Power and the quest for it, like sin, is an inborn and universal part of our fallen nature. While most of us have no visions of conquering the entire world, many love to be in control of the people around them. History is replete with leaders bent on world conquest. From early cultures in Europe Asia, Africa, and the Americas, tribal leaders have periodically waged war to expand their territories. The pages of later history are filled with the exploits of kings, queens, court politicians, emperors, sultans and popes, who waged countless wars to expand their borders and creeds. During the imperial era of history, greed and egotism encouraged princes to acquire countless colonies around the globe, mainly for territory, naturals resources and trade routes. This brought great wealth and prestige to these countries. 

In the case of Catholics and Muslims, it was often done ostensibly in God’s name to bring the Gospel or the Koran to people around the globe. However, the work of Catholic and Muslim leaders often pragmatically joined with the kings, princes and generals in an unholy alliance. As a result, hundreds of thousands perished over the centuries. 

The Industrial Revolution, which occurred primarily in European countries and the United States in the 19th century, gave rise to Big Business and the mass production of good and services. New technologies provided untold wealth and leisure time for the families of those with the vision to create a capitalist structure. Competition kept prices low enough so that many of these businesses provided residuals benefits that benefited many, even on the lower strata of society.

Leaders among the most successful businesses, such as oil, steel and the railroads, felt threatened by the competition of thousands of eager entrepreneurs. As a result, they created corporate monopolies and trusts that virtually destroyed competition. They were ably assisted by the favoritism of the politicians who benefited from their largess. This was the distortion of true capitalism and a primitive form of American fascism. History has called them Robber Barons, though the term may have been applied too broadly. Anti-Trust legislation in the early 20th century did level the playing field to a degree.

As we neared the dawning of the 21st century, the United States ushered in a vast wave of technological innovations that revolutionized the very warp and woof of American culture, especially its way of doing business. The many changes in communication technology and the public’s growing dependence begs the 64-billion-dollar question: Is it not inconceivable that some international cartel, supra world body or commission might attempt to unify the entire world under a global ruling body that would, in effect, rule the world? If so, this would be the ultimate power grab and something that is entirely possibly, given our human nature and the technology available.

The Progressive elite, which have a very strong gnostic underpinning, have been advocating this kind of world governance or domination for well over 100 years. Theirs is entirely a secular and a godless movement. Their radical ideas have been championed by several different groups since the French Revolution when the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt first drew the attention of some historians. During the 20th century, the Bilderbergers, the World Economic Forum, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission have drawn the most attention for their secrecy and the ubiquity of its members within the corridors of power.  

I believe that the American public does not believe such an anti-democratic structure could ever grow a foothold here. Thanks to a biased media, the general public has not been able to see the train coming down the tracks. Consequently, they have missed the easily identifiable sounds of an American cultural ferment. Radical change has been polluting our culture and ruining millions of lives with the damage done to our legal structure and the toxic rot that permeates our pedagogy. 

The new term for this is called The Great Reset. While it had nothing to directly do with world government, I harken back to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing moment when she presented her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov with a red plastic button that was supposed to say Reset in Russian. It was designed to signal that America was wiping the slate clean for Russia and would no longer focus on its imperial invasion of the Republic of Georgia in 2008. Lavrov noted that her cheap prop really said Overcharge. Clinton’s Foggy Bottom geniuses had failed to write the word in the Russian Cyrillic. This delicious bit of irony has not been lost on the people who recognize what has been going on.

The Great Reset, the title of Alex Jones* recent book, applies to the machinations of the Left during the last several years. Most of the cleaning and wiping has to do with the main aspects of our culture, especially the biggest obstacle to their American agenda, the United States Constitution. It also means a complete make-over of America’s political and economic structures, aided by modern advancements in communication and economic technology. 

To understand what The Great Reset portends for the world’s eight billion people, I should start with the idea of Scientism. It has been said that the globalists suffer from a God-sized hole in their soul. This is the Existential Vacuum, described by Viktor Frankl in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, published in 1946. This idea is at the core of the Left’s modus operandi. In plain English it means professing science as the answer to all questions. (I believe Dr. Anthony Fauci would agree with this definition.) In practice, Scientism eliminates Christian morality, Metaphysics and almost 2000 years of Western Civilization. It also cancels all other forms of ethics, including Islamic, Buddhist, Shintoism and Confucianism.  

Scientism dates back to Auguste Comte, the reputed Father of Sociology. He is also considered by many to be the first Philosopher of Science. Comte, a devout atheist, was born in 1798. In the spirit of the French Revolution, he had rejected both monarchism and his Catholic Faith at an early age. The Revolution gave rise to many of his adult ideas. He later developed a Religion of Humanity. Today, the signs of his many contributions are written all over our culture, especially Social Justice. 

Comte is best known for his development of the philosophy of Positivism. Positivism is at the heart of Scientism. This way of thinking thoroughly secularizes all morality. It has influenced several generations of American and European thinkers. Oliver Wendell Holmes, who served for 31 years on the United States Supreme Court, was an ardent believer in Positivism. 

Many conservative writers view the Trilaterals as the most pervasive and dangerously influential of all secret organizations. It was founded in July of 1973 by David Rockefeller, scion of the old family that has dominated American industry and finance for well over a 150 years. Its purported aims center on the fostering of co-operation among the leaders of North America, Europe and Asia. As the Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, Rockefeller, who died in 2017 at the age of 91, was in a perfect position to influence world affairs. His relationship with first, the Council on Foreign Relations and then the Trilateral Commission, has left himself open to the charges of a world-wide conspiracy, spearheaded by his leading nemesis, the late Georgia Congressman Lawrence Patton McDonald.**

In answer to his many critics, especially McDonald, he lamented in his memoir twenty years later, The Rockefeller Files, how his family has been attacked for the inordinate influence they claim over American political and economic institutions. We have been accused of being ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world…If that is the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it. While taken at face value, this admission is disarming, but only the politically naïve could not see how true it actually was.

Rockefeller charged Columbia Professor of International Affairs, Zbigniew Brzezinski with the responsibility of organizing his Commission. Since all their meetings are totally private and members sworn to secrecy, the substance of what they have been planning or discussing for decades is mostly speculative. Yet there is much circumstantial evidence that testifies to their intent. 

One of the first things Brzezinski did was to normalize relations with Communist China’s Deng Xiaoping. Ever since Mao Zedong chased Chiang Kai-shek across the South China Sea to Taiwan, the United States has had a variety of stances on China. For years the U. S. recognized Taiwan as the legitimate government of several hundred million Chinese. Then there was the more logical Two Chinas Policy, which Brzezinski thought unnatural. He lobbied the United States to back away from Taipei in favor of Beijing as the suzerain of both China and Taiwan.   

The Trilaterals wanted China in their Commission because of its great economic potential. Brzezinski’s handiwork set the standard that was faithfully followed by Republicans, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft. While the U. S. still has a treaty that promises America will come to the defense of Taiwan if China would ever exercise its decades-long desire to reunify with the independent RepublicChina’s 2022 saber rattlingly and America’s weakened presidency bodes poorly for Taiwan’s future.

One of the earliest members of the Trilaterals was a relatively unknown Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter. By 1976, he was the President of the United States. His unexpected rise to the oval office can serve as a barometer of the Trilaterals influence on American history. As many of his successors in the White House would also do, Carter appointed several members of the Trilaterals to his administration, including the aforementioned Brzezinski, who became his National Security advisor, arguably the next most important role in the Carter presidency 

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and other Republican leaders were also powerful members of the Trilaterals. Barack Obama’s administration was surrounded with their members. Collectively, they have carried the water for China, favoring their interests over those of the U.S. Only Donald Trump detoured from this role in 2017. Unfortunately, the COVID virus made in China’s Virology Laboratory in Wuhan, helped paralyze his administration while most world organizations, such as the WHO denied or obscured China’s role in the pandemic.

Alex Jones identifies Klaus Squab as the chief promoter of the Rockefeller vision for world governance. Schwab has been considered by many to be the most dangerous man in the world because of his economic clout. Writing forGarden State Families in 2021, Gregory Quinlan cites some of Schwab’s early years, surrounded by a police state built on fear, violence browns shirts and operatives, surveillance, brainwashing, the merger of government and business, eugenics…Today, Klaus heads the World Economic Forum at Davos, an organization he founded in 1971. The WEF is considered to be the driving force behind The Great Reset.

Jones also points out that, not unlike David Rockefeller, Schwab has revealed his plans for what one critic called transhumanism in his 2016 book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. To buttress his ideas, Schwab often relies on the thinking of Israeli professor, Yuval Noah Harai. Author Patrick Wood, who has written extensively on the Trilaterals, calls Harari The Brain of Klaus Schwab. Harari is best known for his bestsellers, such as Sapiens and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. The title speaks volumes since it means god-like beings, the essence of Scientism. It also evokes the meaning of Genesis 3: 3-4, and ye shall be as gods. In this book, Harari believes that while Evolution may have been the original creator, the New World Order’s…engineers will re-create man into their own desired image. Any human notions of freedom or religion will be erased from the face of the earth.

This raises the question as to just what kind of world are these mad scientists planning for Americans and their forebears. Harari answers this by expressing his love for Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World, published in 1932. In this BNW, happiness is the supreme value and psychiatric drugs replace the police and the ballot as the foundation of politics. Every day, each person takes a dose of ‘soma’, a synthetic drug which makes everyone happy without harming their productivity of efficiency. The World State…is never threatened because all people are supremely content…Everybody is happy all the time…what could be wrong with that?

It would be dangerous to quickly dismiss these Satanic visionaries because too many of them have access to the lion’s share of power in this world. This is especially true of the finance capitalists like Rockefeller who have been behind a Woke World for many years. Over the 21st century, the Central Banks and the David Rockefellers of the world have amalgamated the best and the brightest in politics, economics, the mainstream media, social media, Artificial Intelligence and communication technology to create a vision, worse than any one of Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell

Like all visionaries of future world grandeur, they too are doomed to failure because they cannot change human nature, despite what Harari preached. There will always be Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Jealousy, Anger and Gluttony to thwart their sinister plans. Soma is probably little more than some form of synthetic marijuana. Nobody can work efficiently on that kind of high so their trains will never arrive on time. 

According to Jones, Harari seems to have experienced a change of heart in his last book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century when he wrote: truth and power can travel together only so far. Sooner or later, they will go their separate ways. It has a pair corollaries as well. If you want power…you have to spread fiction. (Fake News) If you want to know the truth…you will have to renounce power. Unity can never thrive on idealism while the world is in chains. There will always be a Mao, a Putin or a petty tyrant with his own vision of autocracy to thwart their plans.

*Alex Jones has recently been hit with a slander judgment by the courts to the outrageous tune of nearly a billion dollars for some of his far-fetched assertions about the Sandy Hook massacre 10 years ago. This settlement amount smacks more of an attempt to cancel Jones and others like him for their ‘conservative heresy’ than solid justice. Sandy Hook, not withstanding, this judgment in no way distracts or undermines the solid reasoning and factual citations in his book.     

**McDonald’s mysterious death on Korean Airlines, Flight 007, which was shot down by Soviet interceptors in 1983, just aided fuel to the flame of conspiracy.  

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Written by
William Borst