Catholicism, Political Correctness, and Wokeness

Catholicism, Political Correctness, and Wokeness

When drug addict and felon, George Floyd, died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, thousands of people began marching and rioting in protest against the police and in support of Mr. Floyd. A few years later, thousands of Jews were murdered by Hamas terrorists, terrorists with thousands of murders under their belt, and these same protesters rose up in support of the Hamas terrorists. What do we have going on here?

Political correctness is a term used to describe language, policies, or measures that have the intention to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups within a society. It refers to written or spoken language that is so phrased as to intentionally avoid offending or marginalizing groups identified by certain social characteristics, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. She is not a woman; her gender has fluidity. He is not a homosexual, he is gay. He is not fat; he is calorically challenged. She is not ugly; she is facially challenged. In history, political correctness was a term used in referring to ideological battles among the world’s socialist and communist parties. It was a strict, autocratic adherence to the dogma and doctrines propagandized by the Soviet Union, Communist China, Castro’s Cuba, Pot’s Khmer Rouge, and so on. Theirs was the correct stance on all political and social issues. You must follow the party line.

Wokeness is madness. People are finally coming around to realize what is wokeness or being woke. I met two individuals recently who openly admitted they were woke. Both were nuts, for if you dare disagree, they had a conniption. It takes political correctness to the next level. Every communist revolution had within its movement their own rendition of wokeness or political correctness. Being woke in today’s realm means being aware of the issues of racism and social injustice that affect the community. Being woke implies a consciousness of the oppression and discrimination that some groups face in society. It is being awake to these ideas; that is, a Marxist interpretation to what is happening, and Marxist only. Following that, it creates a dictatorship of how to think and what to think. It is its own oppressive state of being for all equitable beings. Equitable is that word meaning everyone is forced to be equal in material terms and according to what is considered Marxist morality, the sameness of all. Since we are all the same, let us make everyone the same. 

Let us return to the question in paragraph one, what do we have going on here? It is really the Christian view vs. the Marxist view. Marxist players in today’s political arena are never more pronounced than America’s two leading rioters, BLM [Black lives Matter] and Antifa. Members of these groups support the ideological Marxism of the former Soviet Union, Communist China, and the various smaller players in history. Atheistic, fostering a state of forced equality or equity, abolishing capitalism, and private property, opposing the nuclear family, promoting class warfare, and opposing all forms of religion so that there will be no other gods before the socialist state. Isn’t it funny? Every person from Cuba and Venezuela, every person from Eastern Europe, every person from Vietnam and Laos, every person from Taiwan and Hong Kong who finds himself in the United States today knows what is going on. And that is, a communist revolution led by intellectuals, technocrats, bureaucrats, the media, and a sundry of Marxist elitists. Not like Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, or Cambodia, but a lot more sophisticated with its own brand of political correctness and wokeness. Everything is politicized: sport, art, schools, curriculum, health care, corporate policy, even family and religion, all infused with leftist ideology. No other ideologies are allowed. They create a society of antagonisms to bring on inevitable authoritarian control, obviously called for with them in control. The greatest antagonism and most disturbing are the one of children vs. parents. The state shall lord over that relationship.

What is it that offends the left so much, that same left who declares no one to be offended? It is the Cross of Christ. The Cross of Christ is the ultimate authority. As Christians we are called to walk with Jesus and follow his way, not our way, nor the state’s way. It is Him acting and living in us. It is His cross that gives us the strength to follow Jesus, a minuscule of his sufferings. And, if we persevere, we bear it all, do it through Him, knowing that no sin of ours is greater than His love for us. I first realized the anti-Christian bias of the liberal-left while witnessing an interview with one time Democrat congresswoman Bella Abzug. Remember her? She literally cried out through TV host Michael Douglas, to stop following the Cross as we were beyond that. We need to be over that. The time is come to move on with our thinking and eliminate such outdated dogma. She knew how powerful the Cross was. They are offended by Him and Him crucified. It was a very telling guest TV appearance. The left needs to have everything under their control while as Christians we wait for everything to be under His control.

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. He will change our lowly body to conform with his glorified body by the power that enables him also to bring all things into subjection to himself.

Philippians 3:20-21

Source: Baglino, Michael. The Dr. B. Reader on the Ologies: Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. San Francisco: The Penguin Writers, 2023.

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Written by
Michael Baglino