June 27, 2022

David Laidler

DAVID LAIDLER received his B.A. in history from The Citadel and served as an Armor officer in Germany during the Gulf War (’91). Upon returning home, he studied at Indiana University where he received an M.B.A. with a concentration in Finance and Economics. Born and raised in Michigan, he now resides in Seattle and serves as CFO for a Seattle-based IT consulting firm. Most importantly, however, he is married and the father of two beautiful daughters. A convert to the Catholic faith, David was received into the Church on the last Sunday of Advent 2009.

What is Love?

Despite being one of mankind’s favorite inspirations for song and drink (or perhaps because of it), we should dare to meaningfully ask from time to time: what is love? For a great many of us it brings to mind valentines, racing hearts, sweaty palms...

Personal Vocation

Author G.K. Chesterton once pondered the peculiar spectacle of St Francis and St. Thomas coming over a hill together in their friar’s gowns – the former in his brown and the latter in his Dominican black – and what an amusing contrast they...

The Church Militant

The term Church Militant may feel to many as though it belongs to a bygone age. However, being militant is not merely a soldierly reference, but also to be aggressively active (as in a cause). And like it or not, as pilgrims on earth we are at war;...