August 20, 2018

Author - Mindszenty Report

The Mindszenty Report is re-posted with permission and is a monthly publication of the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, a worldwide educational organization which provides reliable information on the secular attacks on faith and family values; persecutions and abuses of human rights around the globe; and upholds the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church.

The Death of Europe?

In 1973, Jean Raspail, a well-traveled and cultured Frenchman, published Le Camp des saints (The Camp of the Saints), a dystopian novel envisioning a Muslim armada invading a culturally incapacitated Europe. Fifty years later, Europe is being...

American Patriotism Divided

On July 4, 1776, American patriots proclaimed the Declaration of Independence. This document and subsequent events changed the history of the world. The Declaration of Independence expressed the inalienable rights of all men to “life, liberty, and...