November 17, 2019

Author - Mindszenty Report

The Mindszenty Report is re-posted with permission and is a monthly publication of the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, a worldwide educational organization which provides reliable information on the secular attacks on faith and family values; persecutions and abuses of human rights around the globe; and upholds the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church.

Engineering New Humans

When Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui announced in late November 2018 at the International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong that he had undertaken embryo editing culminating in the birth of twin girls, a firestorm of international...

Should College be Free?

Here is a conversation recently overheard between two college students, nearly verbatim: First student: Yeah, I think Bernie Sanders is right on about college being free! Students are going into debt to go to college and it’s not fair. Really unfair...

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