December 12, 2019

Vincent Ryan Ruggiero

VINCENT RYAN RUGGIERO, M.A., is Professor of Humanities Emeritus, State University of New York, Delhi College. Prior to his twenty-nine year career in education, he was a social caseworker and an industrial engineer. The author of twenty-one books, his trade books include Warning: Nonsense Is Destroying America and The Practice of Loving Kindness. His textbooks include The Art of Thinking and Beyond Feelings, both in 10th editions and available in Chinese as well as English, Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, and A Guide to Sociological Thinking. His latest book, Corrupted Culture: Rediscovering America's Enduring Principles, Values, and Common Sense, is available at Amazon and in bookstores. Professor Ruggiero is internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of the Critical Thinking movement in education. Earlier in his career, he published essays in a variety of magazines and journals, including America, Catholic Mind, The Sign, The Lamp, and Catholic World.

The Greatest Human Fault

What is the greatest human fault? I believe it is self-deception, which causes or enables virtually all other faults. In addition to violating truth, self-deception prevents us from following the timeless advice inscribed at the Temple of...

The Path of the Wandering Calf

Many years ago, when I was a college professor, I came across a poem by Sam Walter Foss (1858-1911) that revealed how easily we can fall into habits that keep us from thinking critically and creatively. I shared that poem with my students and...

Denying Communion to Joe Biden, Part 3

The Cushing principle discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this essay—that expressing one’s beliefs in the public square or the halls of Congress imposes them on others—is false because it is based on flawed reasoning. That...

Denying Communion to Joe Biden, Part 2

Part 1 of this essay argued that the denial of communion to Joe Biden was appropriate and objections to that denial were based on two false ideas—that the Catholic view of abortion is unreasonable, and that when elected officials support the...

Denying Communion to Joe Biden

In the midst of his campaign for the Democrat presidential nomination, former Vice-President Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion by Father Robert Morey in Florence, South Carolina. Public reaction was mixed. Some people were outraged that a man long...

The Cost of Denying Conscience

For millennia the concept of conscience was prominent in virtually every religious and secular ethical system, though interpretations of its nature varied. Some defined it as an “inner voice,” but disagreed about what kind of voice—Desire...

Does Prayer Really Matter?

The subject of the homily in a Church near my own parish was prayer. The homilist declared that praying for Aunt Louise’s cancer to be cured or for one’s prodigal son to mend his ways is pointless and therefore immature. The only meaningful...

The Power of Small Deeds

St. Teresa of Calcutta reportedly said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” The thought is inspiring, but it raises two questions, “What kinds of ‘small things’ does it apply to?” and “How will those...

David Seitz

DAVID SEITZ, OFS, professed into the Secular Franciscan Order on the feast of St. Dominic, August 8, 2002. He has served the order at all levels as a local fraternity minister and director of formation, Divine Mercy regional minister and as a member of the national JPIC commission where he represents the Secular Franciscans on the board of directors, Franciscan Action Network.

He has led several OFS fraternities through pre-profession retreats focused on the “Nature of Profession” and Franciscan Spirituality. He has published several reflections relating the Rule of Life and the Gospel message to themes of social justice.

He has developed and presented a variety of talks on the Catholic faith. David has been featured in the Michigan Catholic News, Catholic Journal U.S. appeared as a guest on CTND’s (Catholic Television Network of Detroit) Dialogue with Cardinal Maida and has been a guest speaker for a variety of organizations and retreats including the Legion of Mary, Genesis Young Adult Program, Bukas-Loob-Sa-Diyos Covenant Community, St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, and several parish presentations. He has been a keynote speaker at several diocesan wide conferences in Gaylord, and for the statewide convention of the Council of Catholic Women. He has developed and taught scripture courses for St. Francis Parish’s, Ann Arbor, School of Discipleship.

David has studied in the M.A. theology program at Sacred Heart Major Seminary with a concentration on Sacred Scripture.

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