October 18, 2019

Author - Vincent Ryan Ruggiero

VINCENT RYAN RUGGIERO, M.A., is Professor of Humanities Emeritus, State University of New York, Delhi College. Prior to his twenty-nine year career in education, he was a social caseworker and an industrial engineer. The author of twenty-one books, his trade books include Warning: Nonsense Is Destroying America and The Practice of Loving Kindness. His textbooks include The Art of Thinking and Beyond Feelings, both in 10th editions and available in Chinese as well as English, Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, and A Guide to Sociological Thinking. His latest book, Corrupted Culture: Rediscovering America's Enduring Principles, Values, and Common Sense, is available at Amazon and in bookstores. Professor Ruggiero is internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of the Critical Thinking movement in education. Earlier in his career, he published essays in a variety of magazines and journals, including America, Catholic Mind, The Sign, The Lamp, and Catholic World.

America Unhinged

The level of incivility and animosity in America today gives ample cause to wonder whether our society has become unhinged. Educators cast aside subject matter and proclaim their personal likes and dislikes to their captive audiences. Journalists...

The Nearsighted Shepherd

A Cautionary Fable Once upon a time, there was a nearsighted shepherd who mistook another flock for his own and began tending them. That flock’s shepherd at first felt offended, but then realized that if the other shepherd did his work, he...

Democrats, Abortion, and Karma

Republicans have argued that the southern border is in a state of crisis and the situation is hurting Americans (and illegals) in many ways—notably in the flow of illegal drugs and the incidence of crime and homelessness. They also are puzzled as to...

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