Pray for Peace

Pray for Peace

The United States Navy has sent a task force to the seas surrounding North Korea. Apparently, this was done as a show of force to let the North Koreans know we mean business. Vice President Mike Pence just visited the demilitarized zone dividing the Korean Peninsula stressing President Trump’s willingness to use military to resolve crises.

But this situation is a lot different than firing 59 Cruise missiles at a Syrian airport, half of which missed the airport entirely!

Kim Jong-un is an emotionally and mentally unstable leader in North Korea. The North Koreans command an active army of a million men and women and seven million men and women in reserve units. The United States, for whatever reason, still maintains a force in Korea 64 years after hostilities ceased in 1953. These 28,000 American troops sit between the North Korean force and the South Korean army of a million men and women with 5 million men and women in reserve. The army of South Korea consists of 39 divisions with 5,850 tanks and 11,337 artillery systems. I can’t imagine a more explosive situation existing anywhere in the world today.

To the north of this troubled peninsula, sits the Republic of China with over 619 million men and women fit for military service. The Chinese have 2.4 million men and women on active duty with 2.3 million men and women in reserve. Forget planes, ships, missiles, and aircraft, this is an Armageddon ready to happen. All countries have the capacity to inflict serious harm on the other. The death toll could be staggering if hostilities erupt.

Any form of military aggression by any parties in this situation will not result in a damaged airport or the loss of a few tanks. It will trigger a war that will make all prior conflicts dwarf in the extent of damage and loss of life.

The United States must be cautious and realize that it is facing serious consequences if military action is required. Our task force of eight ships really intimidates no one. If we do decide to take action, it will have to be decisive as there will be no second chance. I hope Mr. Trump does not stumble into a war that he will regret ever starting.

Pray for peace.

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Written by
Donald Wittmer
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