How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?

I must admit that I am somewhat surprised by the reaction of many moderates and conservatives to the now infamous abortion law passed in the New York Senate. Suddenly people are stunned that babies can be killed right up to the moment of birth. Many are wringing their hands and crying, “How can this happen in America?”

Well, this has happened in America because it was inevitable. Once a government declares that a certain group of people are not quite human, then killing members of that group becomes perfectly legitimate. In the South, prior to the Civil War, a slave was a non-person, mere chattel. If a slave owner wanted to kill a slave, he had no fear that the government would punish him. He was acting completely within the law. In essence, the act was no different than killing a chicken or a cow.

We don’t have to go that far back in history to find a similar situation. In Nazi Germany, the Jews were declared to be less than human. Once that became the law, Jews could be brutalized and/or killed at the whim of the authorities. Six million Jews were slaughtered for the simple crime of having Jewish blood.

Today, most Americans look back at slavery and/or the Holocaust and are shocked that such barbarity was permitted anywhere in the world. They proudly proclaim that, had they been alive at that time, they would have fought such evil with everything in their power. They thump their chests and see themselves as morally superior to others.

But millions of those same people are dedicated proponents of abortion on demand. Using the euphemism of “a woman’s choice,” they celebrate the destruction of the unborn child in and out of the womb. Consider the standing ovation in the New York Senate when this new abortion bill was passed.

In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court, denying science, declared that it did not know when life began and that, according to the Constitution, the unborn child is not a person and, therefore, has no right to life. Oh, sure, the Court came up with an arbitrary trimester system that might permit government intervention to save whatever it is in the womb, but that was never going to happen, and the Court knew it. A companion decision, Roe v. Bolton, included the “health” of the mother as a justification for killing the child. Of course, “health” could include mental or emotional reasons, opening the flood gates for abortion for any reason or for no reason.

A more disturbing aspect of the shocked reaction of so many people to the New York law is the obvious question: Would the law be more palatable if the child could be killed at eight months instead of nine? How about at seven? Six? Five? Four? How about at four weeks? Some of the same people who might reject the New York law as extreme would have no objection to a first-trimester abortion. But if the child in the womb is a human being, then abortion at any gestational point is immoral. The logic is inescapable.

Almost every time I have a discussion with someone about abortion, I ask this question: “Have you ever seen an abortion on television?” No one has because the networks have never shown one. Why do you suppose that is? After all, it’s just a simple medical procedure, right? No different from removing a ruptured appendix, right? The truth is that an abortion is never shown because if it were, people would see that the unborn child is, in fact, a small human child—not a blob of cells.

The goal of the pro-death crowd has always been to obfuscate the reality of the unborn child. But, inadvertently, the New York Senate may have let the cat out of the bag. In essence, they have said, “Yeah, it’s a full-grown baby, but we’re going to kill it anyway.”

We shall see if the revulsion on the part of many will produce a reevaluation of the entire abortion issue. In the meantime, look for a giant statue of Moloch to be erected in the New York Senate building. After all these years, he has found a new home where he will be worshiped on a daily basis.

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Written by
Thomas Addis
  • Looking for a good lawyer or army of good lawyers willing to sue and bring to justice the governor and his accomplices for instigation and conspiracy to commit infanticide, the circumstances need no further legal basis, its all there visible to even the blind. I am a retired grandmother tending to my small granchildren, willing to volunteer my paralegal skills, assist in raising money and most of all, awaken the conscience of even those who so far have been asleep. Please, let us help each other to stop this satanic individual and his gang of satanists from repeating history by exterminating innocent human beings.

  • Sad as it is, barbaric as it is, we are now no different than Nazis – and why aren’t our clergy beating the pulpit over this with just the facts you laid out here? Bishops, Cardinals, Francis, where are you???

  • This law in New York State de-legitimizes its right to govern. It makes ALL law-giving by the State of New York illicit because the Law Maker, i.e. the New York State Government, has lost it’s moral authority to govern. Therefore, the State of New York is without a true government. It’s government must be re-Constituted upon the principles of justice and the natural law. It MUST BE OVERTHROWN by the citizens of the State of New York, in one way or another. This is one reason why armed militias are mandated by the United States Constitution…to avoid such inhumane tyranny.

  • The butchers of Albany, with king Herod Cuomo, have formalized and expanded their license to kill. What cowards they are, exterminating little babies, how revolting. If we the people still have any decency left, we need to organize and protest with every breath we have against this indescribable evil. Please people, let us all rise up and fight back on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. I am ready.