The Devil Was in the Election Details

The Devil Was in the Election Details

The scene is a college gymnasium. The visiting team is ahead by ten points with three seconds to play. The home team takes the ball out of bounds . . . then suddenly, the gym goes dark. A few minutes later, the lights go back on, play resumes, the home team shoots and misses. Just as the visiting players begin patting one another on the back, someone shouts “Look” and points up at the scoreboard. The final score shows the home team has won by two points.

Officials check and, after a quick huddle, report to the scorers’ table and the game announcer makes this announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, it seems someone changed the scoreboard so that the home team would win. That act was grossly unfair. However, the game was over when this conclusion was reached and the final score at that time favored the home team. Therefore the officials have decided that the home team won!”

The visiting team’s coach immediately and excitedly protested, saying, “This is absurd. We were ahead when the lights went out and that score should be the official score. Otherwise the game will have been stolen from the team that actually won.” He repeated that protest more loudly over the ensuing days. But every time he did so, journalists and commentators even more loudly denounced him. “’Stolen’ is an offensive word,” they would say. “The coach is unhinged. Where is his evidence of such an offense? Until he presents something more than wild speculation, rational people will consider him a sore loser.” The home team coach and school faculty applauded the media’s reporting.

Some readers may say my story is implausible and thus ridiculous because things like that could never happen in real life. However, something closely analogous just did happen, for all the world to see.

The 2020 election had numerous violations of the Constitution and the law, not to mention fundamental ethical principles. Furthermore, the evidence was more than sufficient to overturn the purported Biden “win.” But, just as in my mythical example, the evidence was ignored, censored, or withheld by mainstream and social media, and anyone who tried to present that evidence was dismissed as unhinged, as was my mythical coach.

The end of the real life story dashed all remaining hope of righting the massive electoral wrong that was done. Even more importantly, it now threatens to weaken America’s guarantees of free exercise of religion, free speech, assembly, petition for redress of grievances, and more. Among Biden’s stated plans are:

To raise taxes on many Americans.

To support access to abortion, including late-term.

To reduce individual choice in the health care system.

To increase the Supreme Court from nine justices to twelve or fifteen and fill the new seats with liberals, thus dramatically changing the balance of the court.

To grant statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, likely  increasing the number of Democrats in Congress.

To repeal Trump’s immigration quota system.

To relax restrictions on legal and illegal immigration.

To end Trump’s “Muslim travel ban.”

To moderate or eliminate sanctions on Iran and Trump’s trade policy with China.

To set stringent limits on methane pollution, tighten fuel economy standards, and ban new oil and gas permits on public lands.

To end fracking, coal mining, and other methods Trump employed to ensure U.S. energy independence.

To require faith-based homeless shelters, adoption agencies, and other charities to endorse same-sex marriage, transgender identity, and experimental cross-sex drugs and surgeries.

To limit the exercise of religious organizations’ rights to religious freedom, freedom of association, and free speech.

To force religious ministries to open women’s sports and women’s restrooms to biological males, to refer to biological males by female pronouns if they “identify” as female, and to pay for transgender surgery in their health care plans.

In addition to Biden’s stated plans, two unstated ones are likely. First, to discourage or even block the election reforms recommended to end the fraud and illegality in the election process that gave Biden the electoral advantage over President Trump. Secondly, to retain the special legal privilege of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to restrict or censor the circulation of conservative views, a privilege that often prevented their users from learning important election information.

People are saying that Trump lost the election because he did a poor job as president, Biden offered more, and the election was fair and honest. No part of that is true! Trump worked harder for the country and accomplished more than any president in the last century. And Biden will be president only because of flagrant, unprecedented dishonesty. The Devil, Satan himself, was surely in the election details, and it is no exaggeration to say that sad and extremely dangerous days lie ahead for all Americans. May God be with us in this troubled time.

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Written by
Vincent Ryan Ruggiero