Our Amazing Times and the Coming Revolution

Our Amazing Times and the Coming Revolution

What amazing times we live in. Just this week…

  • Same sex partners can now marry in Germany.
  • The Pope’s top aide is traveling to Australia to defend himself against charges of child sex abuse.
  • New Jersey can’t pass a budget and Illinois is going down the fiscal toilet.
  • Our president, instead of addressing issues of national importance, is now tweeting about an alleged face lift of a morning show reporter.
  • Better yet, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors signed a 5-year, 201-million-dollar contract to bounce a basketball around a wooden floor making him the world’s highest paid basketball player.
  • The Diocese of Paterson (NJ) in which I live recently reopened its Cathedral after 7 years of being closed to repair the roof. The Cathedral is not falling apart from use, that is for sure.
  • Within months, with the continued implosion of Obamacare, many lower income Americans will have no health care or if they do have health care, it will not be affordable.
  • Health care premiums are now more expensive than funerals so if a court orders you to unplug the life support from one of your children or relatives, it will be cheaper to bury them than to continue to stay in the hospital on life support.
  • A Canadian individual who identifies as a ‘non-binary trans person’, wants authorities to issue a ‘non gendered’ birth certificate for (insert pronoun here) eight-month-old child.

With these and many other “accomplishments” under our belts, we continue to “progress” and have fully implemented our revolution. We now find ourselves in the year 2050…

  • The Republican Party has been replaced by the American Socialist Party.
  • Large angry demonstrations exist all over the country.
  • Seven States in the lower 48 have gone bankrupt.
  • The number of men and women not in the American labor pool has reached 160 million.
  • The Federal Government has stopped publishing its monthly unemployment rate as it is now below 2%.
  • Over 100 million people receive Food Stamps and Social Security is paying slightly less than 60% of what workers were originally promised.
  • The Federal Government owes $38 trillion dollars and has 500 million jobs open being filled mostly by foreigners.
  • Walmart employs more people than all the U.S. military combined and the average hourly rate is $12.00 per hour.
  • The poverty rate is $42,000 annually and 65% of all Americans pay no Federal income tax.
  • General Motors is the only American car company still operating as Ford was purchased by Samsung and FCA went bankrupt and ceased operations.
  • The Norfolk Naval Yard now mothballs all but two American carriers and 12 American submarines to keep the Defense budget below one trillion dollars per year.
  • Kim Jong-un, 66 years old, is still a problem and now controls both North and South Korea.

Think it can never happen? Don’t be so sure.

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Written by
Donald Wittmer
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  • “The Republican Party is replaced by the American Socialist Party”?

    Mr Wittmer must be another delusional liberal. The only socialist and communist people are those who vote for democrats and are currently Democrat Party members. Democrats and liberals who like CNN (Communist News Network) are the sole purveyors of totalitarian Facist desires.