Fight for the Future of the Church and World

Fight for the Future of the Church and World

After reading the Gospel of Luke (2:22-40), we should close our eyes and imagine how gently, how tenderly Mary and Joseph took turns holding Baby Jesus in their arms on the way to the Temple for the prescribed rituals of the Law. Then, once more, we should close our eyes and picture the excitement of old Simeon holding Jesus in his arms and of the prophetess Anna as she spoke about him to all who were awaiting the redemption of Jerusalem.

Now, if we truly believe that God is the Source of all life, human and divine, and that what he reveals in Psalm 127:3 is true, we are compelled to fight with all we’ve got for the protection of all life from the moment of fertilization to natural death.

Children too are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward.

We must feel compelled to fight on the side of the Catholic Church for the protection of all life and for the preservation and the extolment of the Traditional Family. Mind you, this is not a short battle in which we ought to be engaged with all the energies and the means we possess, but a war against Satan and his many minions deployed mostly across the western world. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church is antagonized, ridiculed, persecuted, fought tooth and nail against because she is the only bulwark left to keep the insanity and the onslaught  of the culture of death, hedonism and secularism from destroying the very future of the world in the name of progress and political correctness.

Truth be told, there are some courageous Protestant denominations that are fighting by her side; but especially the liberal ones have capitulated and sided with those who are hell-bent to destroy the purity of the Traditional Family and the sacredness of human life. And what is even more tragic is that many so-called Catholics are blissfully oblivious of the menace and tragedy unleashed around them.

The preciousness of each child stems naturally from his/her parents who are meant, by divine design, to join God in becoming co-creators with him of a possible new life in their marital embraces. On the other hand, Satan’s minions, who are working to establish the culture of death all around, are committed to a well-planned and systematic agenda of attacking life from all sides while instilling in distracted and prone to self-absorption people a new set of rules.

These rules have mounted political correctness as the new deity replacing God and his laws. This new deity that defies nature, reality, science, sanity and common sense, is pushing a set of rights that are imposed on weak minds as the ultimate sign of progress by shaming them into submission and acceptance.

Since some of you might be buying into this elegant form of folly, it is my duty to put, side by side, before your eyes, what God and nature propose and what Satan’s minions are trying to ram into our minds.

  • Whereas the Bible teaches that male and female he created them (cf. Genesis 1:27), the culture teaches that gender is a fluid thing. Let each child decide for itself if he is a he or a she; if she is a she or a he; or any other gender within an ever-widening range; or feel free to revert to a previously chosen gender.
  • Whereas the Bible teaches that we be fertile and multiply (cf. ibid. 1:28), the culture teaches that no woman is truly free unless she has the right to eliminate the “parasite” growing inside her body.
  • Whereas the Bible teaches that the fruit of the womb is a reward (cf. Psalm 127:3), the culture teaches that pregnancy is a disease unless it is really wanted and planned. Those who engage in sexual intercourse have the right to demand that tax payers provide them with any means needed to prevent a pregnancy and the right to have taxpayers pay to terminate the unwanted pregnancy.
  • Whereas the Bible teaches that God sets a father in honor over his children (cf. Sirach 3:2), the culture teaches that fatherhood is obsolete. A liberated woman can get impregnated any way she chooses and raise her “designer baby” without him/her ever having to know and to receive what a father alone can give his child. Not only does a child have no right to his/her father, but masculinity is toxic; it is one of the worst possible enemies of political correctness as it is naturally hard-wired to violence and racism.
  • Whereas the Bible teaches that a mother’s authority he confirms over her sons. […] he stores up riches, who reveres his mother (cf. ibid. 3:2-4), the culture teaches that two daddies will do just as fine. One of them can rent the womb of a willing, poor woman who would be the surrogate mother. But, we ask: what about the baby’s right to know and to experience what only a mother can give her child?

The world of political correctness is designed to consider only rights that are lined up with its ideology. On the Feast of the Holy Family, the Church invites us to contemplate at length the Holy Family of Nazareth and to recommit ourselves to faithfulness to the God who is love and who, hence, is the Source of life.

Satan’s minions, those in the opposite camp, those who trample upon God’s Laws and natural law, are intent on reaping the harvest of self-absorption that they have sown. But, if we take to heart the future of our Church, indeed of the whole world, we know that we have no choice but to fight them with all we’ve got. And we should never let up.

In Colossians 3:12-21, St. Paul proposes the perfect armor designed to make us victorious in this crucial war. Basically it is the armor of love and humility that the Infant presented in the Temple of Jerusalem, on this day, has shown us by his incarnation. If, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we put on and keep wearing this armor, our victory will be assured and the future of the whole world will be preserved.

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Written by
Fr Dino Vanin
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  • We should also be on the side of the Republican Party and the Church should condemn the Democrat Party that sides with Satan via baby murder, destruction of marriage and the rejection of God