April 25, 2022

Tag: Gender Identity

The Tootsie Identity Crisis

I remember reading a Time Magazine article on modern sex education many years ago. There was one anecdote that is emblazoned on my mind forever.  A six-year old was on his way home from school, where he had experienced his first or second day of Sex...

Fight for the Future of the Church and World

After reading the Gospel of Luke (2:22-40), we should close our eyes and imagine how gently, how tenderly Mary and Joseph took turns holding Baby Jesus in their arms on the way to the Temple for the prescribed rituals of the Law. Then, once more, we...

The Blue Guards are Coming

If I had gotten up out of bed when I was a youngster and said to my mom and dad that I thought I was the Queen of Sheba, they would have laughed. But had I persisted with that they would have sought immediate mental and medical help for me. What...