A New Valley Forge

A New Valley Forge

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this extraordinary time for our young Nation, when we are set upon by agents who would constrain our Liberty, abridge our Religious Freedoms, make laws contrary to the General Good, threaten our Livelihoods though undesirable and irresponsible taxation, misrepresent the meanings of our Laws and Statutes for political or ideological advantage, alter the meaning of Common Language for the purpose of coercing or misleading the population, and even impugn our Motives and our Sacred Honor, any citizenry worthy of surviving as a nation must take a stand against such agents and their ideas and actions—or else submit to them and take on a new and unrecognizable national identity.

This stand would be difficult enough were it against an invading force. But our struggle today is against agents within our own Government who commit these offenses against their own countrymen.  They claim to represent a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but instead seek to re-make our nation into a political entity entirely new to Americans, but entirely familiar when compared to the failed systems of the recent past.

Here in the snows of Valley Forge, a place named in honor of that Most Hallowed Place where a handful of our fellow citizens once made an arduous, lonely, yet blessedly fateful stand, your Humble Author will attempt, through his own poor efforts, to provide a faint light for the way in this new darkness, and a few peaceful arms for the long battle that lies ahead.

To this end, your Humble Author pledges to speak only in facts, as “truth” wears too many masks in our age. Your Humble Author pledges only to speak only in the positive, as those who advocate for the ideas against which we struggle are none the less our fellow Americans and deserving of our respect as citizens. Finally, your Humble Author pledges to act only with Honor—and to devote that Honor, with all due Effort, to the restoration of the ethics, values, ideas, and laws that have established the United States of America as the great political light for all mankind, and the most Blessed experiment in the history of nations.

The contest for our Nation’ future is difficult and long. Let it now begin. God Bless and Save America.

          – Valley Forge, December 21, 2012

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Humble Author