Men for All Seasons

Athletes have always fascinated me. In my adolescent mind, athletes were all heroes to me because they could hit the winning home run, score the...

Ernie Banks (1931-2015)

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Acting Presidential?

One of the major criticisms of Donald Trump is that he often says things that are not presidential. Funny. No one ever says that about a Democrat candidate...


Lost and Found

The thought of losing something rattles us. In our search for lost keys, purses, wallets, or other objects—panic sets in. For in our world of time...


My Favorite Destination Vacation

It seems for many August has become “vacation” season. For those with kids, it is the last few weeks before school starts. This year, my household once again...


Trump’s Deus Ex Machina

Greek and Roman plays often ended with a divine being descending from above (by means of a crane) and resolving conflicts in the plot. This device was known as...


Putting God’s Will First

About ten years ago a Muslim in Afghanistan named John was age 23, and married with a young son. John’s father, an important tribal chieftain and a leader in...